NOTICE:  Effective Monday, March 23, City of Creedmoor Mayor Bobby Wheeler and Granville County Board Chair David Smith have issued joint declarations of a State of Emergency in the City of Creedmoor and Granville County.  The emergency declarations reaffirm all previously issued Executive Orders by Governor Roy Cooper, and Mayor Wheeler's declaration reaffirms restrictions put in place by Granville County.

City playground facilities at Lake Rogers Park and Harris Park are closed to the public until further notice.  Visitor access to the Creedmoor Police Dept will be restricted via intercom confirmation of necessity.  City Hall and Community Development office staff may be reached by phone or email, and may schedule appointments for in-person meetings. Please call the main line (919) 528-3332, Option 0 or email  Read the Declarations.


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Miscellaneous Signs
The Creedmoor Development Ordinance addresses sign regulations in Article 17 and enforcement in Article 23.

All areas, including roadways (NCDOT and City maintained) within the entire corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) are subject to this ordinance and shall be enforced equitably. Historically “off-limits areas” or “non-enforcement zones” (i.e. intersections of NC Hwy 56 & 50 and NC Hwy 56 & 15) will be included in this enforcement effort. 

A "Snipe Sign" is a temporary sign not otherwise defined in this article that is tacked, nailed posted, glazed, or otherwise affixed to a light fixture, utility pole, public building, fence, railing, public telephone pole, traffic control device, or tree or to the ground.

Signs prohibited by the enactment of this Article shall be removed within ten days from the date of notification by the Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision Administrator or duly authorized code enforcement agent of the city; however, where deemed dangerous or prejudicial the Planning, Zoning and Subdivision Administrator may act in accordance with Section 23.11 of the ordinance.


Political Signs
On the 30th day before the beginning of “one-stop” voting and ending the 10th day after the election, G.S. §136-32 allows persons to place political signs in the right-of-way of the State highway system.  Political signs are signs that “advocates for political action.” The term does not include a commercial sign. 

During campaign season, political signs may be placed in the right-of-way of NCDOT maintained roads and highways with the permission of the fronting property owner. All political signs shall be smaller than 864 square inches or 6 square feet and no higher than 42 inches above the edge of pavement. Their position cannot obscure motorist visibility at intersections, and they must be placed at least 3 feet from the edge of pavement.  No signs shall be permitted in the right-of-way of a fully controlled access highway. 

Political signs along city-maintained streets, i.e. residential subdivisions, are limited to one sign per candidate or issue may be displayed per zone lot frontage, as long as the sign is entirely on private property and off the right-of-way, with the permission of the property owner. 

To determine which streets are maintained by NCDOT and which are maintained by the City, refer to the Powell Bill Map (NCDOT streets are BLACK and city streets are RED on the map).

The law allows for NCDOT employees to remove illegal and non-compliant signs from the NCDOT highway system and maintained rights-of-way. These signs will be kept at the local maintenance yard until they can be picked up. 

Enforcement on city-maintained streets will continue and signs posted in violation of the City’s ordinance will be confiscated and stored in the Planning Department at 211 North Main Street.  Violators must request in writing that signs be returned.

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