Business Owners' Safety Tips

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From simple prevention to high-tech security, experts say there is much owners can do to protect their businesses, customers, and employees:

  Lock up.  If open overnight, prevent holdups by keeping the doors
  locked after business slows for the night. Suspicious people can be
  denied entry.

  Prevent.  Better cash-handling procedures, such as a $200 drop-safe
  in the counter area, along with brighter interior and exterior lighting
  are simple but proven prevention methods.

  Cameras.  Most businesses have surveillance systems, but police
  encourage businesses to invest in higher resolution, multi-camera
  systems. If you do have cameras, make sure they are positioned
  about seven (7) feet off the ground so they can see a suspect's
  face, not just the top of their head.

  Be a good witness. Stay calm and comply, but keep your eyes
  open and try to remember the suspect's clothing, tattoos, jewelry or
  anything else. Lock the door when the suspect leaves.

  Write it down.  Early on, sit down with a pen and piece of paper
  and write down everything you can remember about what happened.
  Police will interview you, but this will help you remember details.

  Stay vigilant.  A 2005 government survey found 81% of
  businesses that had an incident of workplace violence in the past
  year, like an employee injured in a robbery, did not change their
  violence-prevention program. Some owners think they're too busy to
  worry about crime or don't get robbed enough to consider it a major
  problem. Businesses typically call only if they've already been hit or
  an insurer demands it. If businesses have a security system in the
  building, with the signs and stickers displayed, burglars most likely
  will go on to the next place.

  Check costs. A security system may be cheaper than you think.
  Some businesses get something similar to a "Business Attack Pack",
  which includes a motion detector, panic button, door alarm and other
  tools, and it costs as low as $150 to install and $35 per month.


Security Camera System

Robber with Money Bag

Robbery Sign 

Taking Notes After Crime